Management Consulting

Business Advisory

This Division is managed by experienced professionals to deliver a measurable and sustainable improvement in business performance. Our Team is undertaking Consultancy work relating to Corporate Structuring and Restructuring, Capital Structuring and Restructuring, Foreign Investment Consultancy Services, Financial Advisory including Funds Raising and Fund Management such as FDI, Venture Capital Funding, Private Equity Funding, Due Diligence Reports and Debt Syndication.

Advisory works with clients to tackle challenges in transactions and restructuring, performance and technology and risk and compliance. Our Advisory practices around the world combine specialist skills to provide objective advice and execution to help preserve and improve value.

Taking a 360° view of your company’s health is a necessary first step to securing the present and building for the future. Many organizations are facing important short term issues, such as reducing costs and current financial risks, but it is equally important to consider performance improvement and risk management opportunities that will drive growth and operating efficiencies for the longer term and create a stronger competitive position.

Most businesses today are looking to solve two key challenges — improving business performance and cost reduction. This dual objective can deliver significant benefits and position your organization to emerge from the downturn with a stronger and more secure and competitive profile.

To help you meet these interconnected challenges and achieve your potential, we harness the diverse perspectives and experiences of our 5,000 advisory professionals — one of the broadest global advisory networks of any professional organization. We assemble seasoned multi disciplinary teams to work with you to deliver a superior experience built on a consistent global methodology, a robust knowledge culture and insights from our work around the world.

So whether your focus is on transforming your entire business or on sustaining performance and building on today’s achievements, having the right advisors on your side can help you accelerate towards your goals. We offer objective advice and fresh insights to help you achieve tangible results and sustainable improvements wherever you do business.

Setting Up of New Business

Businesses entering a new market or developing a new product or service must consider a wide range of complex factors. Not least of these are the economic assumptions underpinning a strategy. A complex range of economic factors need to be analyzed before the launch of a new business venture. Competitors and customers, sources of revenue and the likely position of the competition authorities are just some of the most prominent considerations. Addressing a new market means building an understanding of the many different strands that influence the relative strength and weaknesses of an economy. Macro-economic considerations need to be taken into account alongside specific and detailed analysis of the potential market for a particular product or service.

Building the models to support a new business strategy draws on a range of complementary skills and knowledge. Advanced econometric models and quantitative analyses need to be constructed alongside specific and in-depth industry knowledge if they are to provide market insight.

Enterprise Valuation:

Valuing all or part of a business requires understanding and analysis of a variety of complex factors. These include both detailed technical knowledge of value drivers and in-depth industry knowledge.

  • Valuing all or part of a business requires input from a variety of specialist advisers who need to understand the value drivers relevant to a particular industry sector alongside the broader strategic aims of the business.
  • In the event of a merger, acquisition or alliance it is vital to understand the value likely to be created through the transaction.
  • The decision to restructure all or part of a business needs to be informed by a comprehensive understanding of the value of every aspect of the business.
  • In the event of a dispute, an independent valuation is likely to help resolve issues swiftly.
  • Operating internationally means that an understanding of the issues driving valuations in different countries is essential. Applying a common methodology across all countries generates a more reliable view of an international business's value.
  • Our valuation specialists can assist businesses to achieve an in-depth understanding of the value of each business or asset in a transaction. Our leading-edge technical knowledge combined with our in-depth industry knowledge allows us to understand the specific factors driving each individual deal.